Top 20 best app of 2020 | best app of 2020

Top 20 Best App of 2020

1.Change icon and name of any app

So so Assalamu Alaikum friends in this article I will show you how to change icon of any Android app the trick I was show you who is very good you can also change the name of the app and I can also it's very easy I tell you about all information in this article so read this article till end you need only one have to do all the thing this is very interesting and amazing app to change icon and name of Android apps show first first of all we need to download this app to do all the things so let's start

How to download app

For downloading of this app you need to click on download button given in the end of this article if you click on download button its take you to Play Store then click on install water it show you some information about AP if you agree the term and condition of this app click on install button again and your installation is started in 1 or 2 to second and its will be complete in one or two minute depend upon your internet speed if you have a 4G cconnection than this app is downloading in seconds and after the installation process is completed you can easily use this app

How to change icon and name of any app

For changing the icon and name of any app open the app and it's completely change the launcher of your app and its convert your mobile to a beautiful P launcher so if you want to change icon and name of any app long tab of any app and it show you some option click on edit option And its show you option like that

And if you change the icon of the app click on icon and it show you some option choose any image and crop the image and click on chair then the icon of the app is changed completely so if you change the name of any app click on name and enter the your name and click on save and the name of app is also changed 

Features of this app

There are lots of feature are available in this app this app provide your mobile a nice and beautiful look and fast optimising system it's also provide you boost option to Boost Your mobile and clear unknown file you can easily search any app by click on search option you don't need to find here and there just search any app and it show you to the Desire app the also good feature of this application is small size the application have a small size to Run on your mobile and it do not consume to much space so i hope you like this article

2.Hackwa App download Link

So hackwa is basically WhatsApp online notifications tracker so can track anyone online seen by using this app
And this is the best app for whatsapp lover

3.Face locke face Recognition 

So using this app you can unlock any app by using your face you can lock any app and the app is not open when the mobile is not seeing and verifying your face so this app is about to face lock to any app the download link is given in the bottom click on download button to download this app

4.shahzad TV

Shahzad TV is basically a live TV app you can watch all channel from all over the world by using this application you can watch many more movies videos live TV channel from all over the world you can also watch Turkish Dramas and latest movies on this app for downloading click on download button given in the end of this article thanks for being here

Shehzad tv download


Tempail is a best app to make temporary email and easily verify any account in seconds 

6.Legend Tv

Legend TVS also a very good TV app you can watch all Turkish drama on this app you can also watch it will go see all season all episode and Hindi dubbed all so you can watch on English dubbing on this download this application by click on download button 

Facebook video downloader

7.Jeeto paisa

So friends in top 10 app I also include a best earning app of Pakistan by using this app you can easily earn 1000 PKR daily without investment and referral in this app you need to play games scratch card spin to win invite friend to earn money and many more thing to earn money on this app and you can withdraw your money from easypaisa and jazzcash easily this app is 100% trusted don't worry about the payment issue it's pay you 100% so download this app click on download button

8.Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin blasters a free earning game you can earn money by playing interesting game on this app this game like Candy Crush game and it's give you real money by playing games and you can be try your money on daily basis the withdrawal process of this application is 24 hour to 48 Hour and the minimum withdraw to much low on Thu app

9.Super vpn

super com Is a best free vpn to protect your security by using this com you can unblock any app or websites and surf safely it's change the location of your mobile phone and it's provide you many entertainment where you want the download link of this app is given in the download button click download button to enjoy this com

10.Bitcoin Food Figh

11.Bitcoin Blocks

12.Bloch Tv

13.Droid Vpn

14.Free Tone App


Free Conference Call app

16.2 call sideline virtual number app

17.Huddle New Virtual Number App

For downloading this app go to play store and search huddle app if you search hotel on play store play store show you lots of application and find the food app developed by and download the app

18.Type Machine

 time machine basically application save everything you're right on your keyboard if you want to download this application download button is given in the end of article click on download button to download this app and use for saving messages from every plot form

19.Caluclator Hide app

This calculator app is basically a App Hider you can easily hide any app on this calculator you just need to do set up a pin on this app after setting up pin enter your pin on calculator typing and its show you a hide app option like plus icon click on our site and to hide any App easily and if you want to check your hidden application open the app and enter your pin and it's automatically show you your Heights application

20.Cube Acr Call Recorder


Jazz discount bazar app

Pure Browser App

Clone App

As 2 In 1 virtual number app

Clone App Apk

Wbsiete Link

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