SafeUM Apk download for android | Safeum virtual number app for android

 SafeUM Apk download for android | Safeum virtual number app for android

Information about safeum

SaveUM is a virtual number App for Android smartphone by using this app you can get a visual number from Latvia and Azerbaijan country and use this app for Virtual or second number this app provides you everything you want from a virtual number application it's provide you second number it's provide you also a very decent rates and you can call anyone from your virtual number you can also send message and receive message from this app so in this article I will show you every function og this app so read this article till the end

How to Sign up on this App

If you want to sign up on this app open the app and click on sign up button if you click on sign in button it show your signup page into your name then password then enter your password in first option enter your username and click on submit option it will take some time to create your account on this app if the account is created you can automatically login on this app and also you can login manually on this app

How to Login on this app

For login on this ab enter your username and enter your password and click on login button and your account has been logged within second and you can use this app is easily after login process is done

How this app provide you virtual number

  After your account has been successfully created on this app and you can login on this app this app provides you automatically a virtual number from the country Latvia or are Azerbaijan you can use this number on any plot form and you can send message receive message send cause receive calls from this ritual number to any of country from all over the world

User Friendly Interface

The interface of this application is very user-friendly everyone can use this app have some basic knowledge about virtual number application all the thing are in front of you you can use any function by a single click and everything is very good in this app and setup decently by the owner of this application or Devolper of this application 

Light Weight

This application is very lightweight and small the size of this application is almost 29 MB and do not consume too much space on your mobile phone and run easily in lower range smartphone because this application is almost a low size application and run perfectly on your smartphone

How to Download

For downloading this application click on download button Gire given in the end of this article if you click on download button it will take you to the Play Store and click on install button on the Play Store and your installing process is started and completed within second depend upon your internet connection speed if your internet connection is a good this application is install on your device within 5 or 6 second and if your internet connection is slow it will take some time and don't worry about if you have using a slow internet connection this app is run very smoothly on your mobile phone

Free Conference call App

Conference call app is a another best virtual number app you can also use this app to take visual number from USA country E and the packages offered this app is very good and very cheap you can easily get us a number with very low amount the download link is given in the end of this article as so if you want to download click on download button and download this app


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